an campaign i came up relating to food waste.

Why have sustainbility become such a big part of our daily life its probably because its actually influencing our daily life enviroment!  Food Value Campaign was based under an school assignment on the topic of sustainbility. It was just a normal afternoon when i was eating at the foodcourt in Singapore then i realized how much food been tossed away due to over volumed of food, or simply just over buying how much a person can eat. Then it hit me, imagine everyone waste a plate of food everyday around the world, and counting the population, the number would surprise you how much food is being wasted daily. So i decided to focus on the topic of food waste, and soon realizes during my studies alot of food waste action are based on individuals knowledge of food wast and their value based on the daily food they purchase daily. So i decided to make a campaign tvc on raising the awareness about how daily life routine may cause alot of food being wasted.
Director / Producer / Art Direction: Stephanie Shengwen Chen
Cinematography: Willy Yanto Putra
Casting: Pung Jingyi, Yang, Jessikah Lee
Special thanks to
Alrizki Marino
Kenji Choo

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